Floor Preparation contracting services

Hera Flooring Ltd carry out concrete polishing to a very high specification at competitive rates from an ‘eggshell’ finish suitable for factory floors to a high reflective finish suitable for show rooms.

We also stock a range of consumables.

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Purchase floor preparation machinery.
Concrete polishing.
Purchase consumables.

Purchase Floor preparation machinery

Hera Flooring’s range of Floor Preparation Machinery includes the following:

  • Planetary grinders for the removal of adhesives and screeds.
  • Planetary grinders for the removal of old coatings of paint.
  • Planers for concrete floor levelling.
  • Single-headed grinders for floor grinding.
  • Planetary grinders for polished concrete.
  • Shotblasters for concrete floor preparation.

To purchase any of our floor preparation machines contact 01226 711323.

Floor Freparation contracting services

Looking to Hire Floor Preparation Machinery? Hera Flooring is a professional floor preparation contracting services. You have the option for Hera Flooring to manage your project and provide trained machine operators. Choose floor preparation machinery/equipment from below:

Dust Collectors
Tile Lifters

Can be used for:

Removal of adhesives and screeds.
Removal of old coatings of paint.
Concrete floor levelling.
Floor grinding.
Polished concrete.
Concrete floor preparation.
To hire any of our floor preparation machines contact 01226 711323.


Purchase Consumables

  • Tune up kit
  • Steel Shot

Grinder & Polisher Accessories 

  • Grinding & Polishing Wings
  • Ninja Discs
  • Diamond Grinding Discs

Spares & Tools for Scarifiers

  • Complete Drums
  • Shafts, Axels, Flails & Cutters

Spares & tools for Tile Lifting

  • 8 and 12 carpet and bevilled blades for Blastrac floor strippers.

Spares and tools for Dust Collecting

  • Filters (Star Teflon, Absolute, Ulpa & Hepa).



Hera Flooring Ltd attach all their floor preparation machinery to specialist Blastrac, CFM and SPE ( Bartell Global ) dust collectors via various sizes of flexible hose. This keeps concrete dust to a minimum and enables us to work in dust sensitive environments such as food and pharmaceutical production areas.
We also remove chrysotile asbestos from the floor using dust collectors with specialist filters in called hepa filters.
We only carry out  non-licensed work and it is usually where  chrysotile asbestos is  found by the customer’s  site surveyor in bitumen floor adhesive and floor tiles .We use specialist PPE ( personal protection equipment)  such as Sundstrom face masks with removeable filters, disposable overalls ,disposable gloves and shoe covers etc .We also have to partition off the area with sheeting and put signs up and barrier tape. Also the dust and tiles have to be placed in red asbestos disposal bags by us and disposed of by the customer in a separate landfill.

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