Floor Preparation Contracting Services

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Hera Flooring offer floor preparation contracting services and sell floor preparation machinery, equipment and consumables. 

We take pride in our floor preparation contracting services as we produce the highest quality of workmanship and we can manage complex contract that we can take to completion. 

Our Aims

Here at Hera Flooring we are passionate about every floor we complete as every finish is breathtakingly beautiful. Our services are at a high standard of professional service so you can be assured that the work you hire us to complete is carried out by experienced and professional.

We are the leading UK provider for floor preparation contracting services and for selling floor preparation machinery, equipment and consumables. Click here for our latest news! Our aim is to offer progressive technology by maximising customised renovation which is a game changing strategy for the floor preparation industry

Advantages Of Top Quality Floor Preparation

  • Reduces levels to make the floor appropriate for construction sites. 
  • It allows for planning when defective surfaces are found.
  • Removes high spots in the floor to achieve the correct given level. 

Floor Preparation Contracting Services

Hera Flooring offer comprehensive floor preparation services which include: 

  • Floor Grinding – we use diamond floor grinding to remove existing coatings and adhesives from the surface, then re-level the concrete and asphalt and smoot out the floor so it is ready for new construction.
  • Floor Planning – we offer concrete floor planning, flailing, scabbling and cold milling which helps to remove contaminants and creeds. Our floor planning service is best for engineering workshops and warehouses.

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We offer a wide range of specialist floor preparation contracting services and equipment that you can hire or buy. Including:

  • Blastrac BMG 780 PRO plaetary grinder
  • Blastrac BMP335 EHY planer
  • Blastrac 854 DCS Dust Collector
  • Terminator ride on tile lifter .

We are able to deliver our floor preparation contracting services to anywhere in the UK! 

Call us on 01226 711 323 or emil us at jane@heraflooring.co.uk and we can give you expert advice and a free quote! 

Customers reviews

Hera Flooring Ltd offer a wide range of specialist floor preparation services as well as machine and consumable sales and service and repair.

Very good job, finished on time, very reasonable prices.

Marc T.

Jane is awesome, very positive, the job was done earlier than I thought, I got what I wanted. Fantastic company, good customer relations.

Connie J.

They are doing good work, and the price is excellent. No communication difficulties, very professional. I would use them again, 5 star company, excellent.

Daniel D.

I can confirm that we have worked wit Hera Flooring Ltd who have carried out all methods of floor preparation including planning, diamond grinding and tile lifting to a suitable and acceptable finish on many projects over the past 5 or so years. Hera Flooring have always had a very professional approach and we have no problems recommending them for all types of flooring works.

S. Playford

at Firestop.co.uk

 Despite having our own surface preparation equipment, we have used Hera flooring to supplement our own activities for many years and always found them reliable and deliver results!

Greg C. 

at Quality Marking Services Ltd

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