What we offer?

Hera Flooring Ltd offer a wide range of specialist ‘Blastrac’ and other floor preparation machinery services. Our range of services includes captive shot blasting, planing, planetary grinding, breaking, saw cutting and tile lifting.

Concrete polishing

Hera Flooring offer a comprehensive concrete floor polishing service including an eggshell finish suitable for factory floors right up to a high gloss finish suitable for car showroom floors .We also offer a concrete repair service including repairs to expansion joints and repairs of damaged concrete due to heavy industrial oil contamination. Call 01226 711323 now to enquire


Diamond Grinding

Our specialist single-headed diamond grinding division have extensive experience in resurfacing many floors including those on wooden swing bridges and old concrete retail units. Call 01226 711323 now to enquire.


Shot Blasting

Hera Flooring offer very good value shot blasting services ranging from very heavy blasting in order to remove contaminants to very light blasting on concrete surfaces in order to produce a ‘key’. We also carry out shot blasting on steel surfaces including storage tanks, offshore, ships ,railways and bridges. Call 01226 711323 now to enquire.

Planetary Grinding

We offer a truly comprehensive planetary grinding service from adhesive and screed removal up to high end showroom finish polished floors. Call 01226 711323 now to enquire.

Highly Concrete Polishing

We are requested to polish concrete to 200 grit which exposes the aggregate slightly ,400 grit with an eggshell finish and 800 grit which is more reflective .Hera Flooring will polish up to 3,000 grit for a highly reflective show room finish. Please contact Hera Flooring for our competitive rates.



We carry out heavy removals using our diesel and 3 phase heavy duty pedestrian planers. Recent examples are bitumen and non skid surface removal on motorway bridges.We are also able to remove sub floors up to a certain depth using this process. Hera Flooring provide professional planing services. Call 01226 711323 now to enquire.

Tile Lifting

We use ride on and self propelled pedestrian tile lifters to remove all types of tile and carpet coverings including ceramics and granite. Hera Flooring provide professional tile lifting services. Call 01226 711323 now to enquire.

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